Plan the bachelor party in advance is always a good idea

Forget the cell phone. Enjoy the moment with friends and get rid of smartphones for a while. Drinking all, going out with male strippers San Diego, spending the night in the party and arriving late in the wedding itself is only funny even in the movies. It was the time when bachelor party was synonymous with irresponsible attitudes and exclusiveness of women.

What is the aim?

The purpose of this “rite of passage” has always been to bid farewell to the things that, theoretically, the groom can no longer do after the marriage bond. But that does not mean he needs a crazy night for it. Because the bride may not like this idea very much and then – goodbye, marriage. On the other hand, the bachelor party should be unforgettable, in the best definition of the word.

Planning a wedding is painstaking, it’s a thousand details, and the closer the date, the more engaged the bride and groom will be. So if you are one of the best man or bitch responsible for organizing the bachelor party, start as soon as possible to make sure the groom is available for the day.

Let the groom out

Not out of the farewell, of course. But avoid demanding planning tasks to him, as we said, he will already have enough work for the marriage. But be careful, even if the farewell party is a surprise to the groom, be sure to be all to his liking. Do not try, for example, to drag a groom who is homemade into a night out. It should be the center of the celebration.

Consult the bride

Never, ever, stop talking to the bride about what you intend to do. In addition to knowing if you’re comfortable with everything, you guarantee that you will not have any problems for the relationship and she can even give ideas. The brides also had their own hen parties. It may be an option, if it is the wish of the bride and groom, to hold the two meetings together.

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