Happy Life and Happy Time with the Best Escorts

In the life of any virgin there comes a moment when he is ready to open the door to the world of adult pleasures. In order for your first experience to be remembered only from the good side, you should pay attention to some points.

With whom and where?

The desire of a guy to lose his virginity as soon as possible is often caused by ridicule of not the most intelligent of his friends. In such a situation, fear and confusion before the first contact can lead the young man to the priestesses of love. True macho after the first time you just do not become, but, a bunch of sexually transmitted diseases and psychological complexes are guaranteed.

The joy of first sex with the baltimore escorts is best shared with your beloved. And even if not everything goes smoothly, patience and a reverent attitude to each other will help in the future to enjoy sex.

The back seat of a car or a nook in the park is not the right place for the first time. Stay alone in a convenient place where your parents or neighbors do not interfere.

Do I need to tell the girl that you are a virgin?

Definitely, yes. An experienced partner will help overcome the embarrassment and tell you how best to move. If a girl is also the first sexual experience, she, like no one, will understand all your experiences. Together to open a new world of love is much more interesting.

Stop narcotics.

Some forums advise before the first time “drink for courage”, forgetting to mention that alcohol can cause problems with potency and at the right moment the unit simply “will not rise.”

A glass of good wine or champagne will decorate your evening and help you to relax, but never have sex under the influence of narcotic or strong alcoholic intoxication. Respect yourself and your partner.

Happy Life and Happy Time with the Best Escorts

Where to start.

Perfect sex for a girl always begins with a long foreplay. Give her compliments, often hug, kiss and whisper in your ear pleasures, stroke your hair and neck.

You can just lie down for a while, not touching the genitals. Suggest petting pet or cunnilingus, more daring experiments can be left for the next time.

Contraception and contraception again.

Becoming a young father is not the most desirable prospect for a young man. The stories that “for the first time there will be nothing” are nothing more than a myth. The best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other dangerous sexually transmitted diseases is the condom.

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