Explore the Best of Lesbianism Now in a Different Way

What frightens many women who have sex with women is the oral part. With the mouth. If you don’t like this, don’t do it. Maybe the other person does not find it necessary at all or you can think of a different way together. The following also applies to oral sex: start carefully, focus around the clitoris and make circulating movements. It’s okay to make mistakes.


The chance of contracting a sexual disease during sex with a woman is much smaller than with a man. Yet it is important to take good care of you in this. Diseases can certainly be transmitted during oral sex. Take this seriously. For safe oral sex and fingering, for example, use a piece of latex, bands or an open condom. This is where you will be having the use of the lesbian escort now. They are the best options for the sexual visions and imaginations. This is where the best options now come. Be sure about the same now.

The orgasm

Women usually need a little more time to come to an orgasm. So it is not at all strange if you have come as if it is finished and they are by no means. That does not necessarily have something to do with your sexual abilities. Don’t focus too much on that orgasm either. Sex is much more than just getting an orgasm. The less pressure you put on it, the less stress you will experience, the easier you will come to an orgasm.


Women can, often more than men, be real control freaks. They want to have everything under control and do what they do perfectly. This goes bad with sex. The more you hold control, the less you will feel experience and the harder it will be to let go and get ready. There are all kinds of little things that can help to let go of that control and to be and feel more in the here and now. Discuss this and support each other in this. For example, use a glass of wine in advance or turn on fine music.

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